Scorpio Monthly Horoscope
Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio monthly horoscope this month, Transit of Mars in the 4th house from Natal Moon Sign Scorpio (6 Nov 2018 03:51:52 to 23 Dec 2018 08:26:38) During this period, Mars will move through your fourth house from the Moon. This brings in some hard times in a few of your life’s segments. Most of you are likely to face a difficult time when it comes to managing your old enemies. You are also likely to encounter some new enemies who could also be from your own circle of family and friends. Some of you may also befriend some wicked people for whom you may suffer later. Keep an eye on your behaviour as it might become cruel during this phase. However, a few of you may also go in for some kind of settlement with your foes. Your health would require more attention than usual as this period makes you susceptible to developing fever and discomfort in the chest. Some of you may also suffer from diseases mostly related to the blood and the stomach. Mentally you are likely to remain worried and under a spell of grief. Relationships would be demanding during this time. Make peace with your family and other relatives to avoid further sorrow during this phase. Hold on tightly to your honour and position in the society as well. Avoid any issues related to land and property especially during this time.

Transit of Sun in the 1st house from Natal Moon Sign Scorpio (16 Nov 2018 14:02:07 to 16 Dec 2018 04:39:24) The Sun’s transit through the first house has a noticeable influence on your work as well as personal life. There could be a permanent or temporary change of place, difficulty at the work place, or a ruffled time with your superiors at work or your employer. You need to take extra care to avoid getting a bad reputation at the workplace, as you may feel more irritable, tired and prone to have disagreements. To complete the tasks on hand or to meet your set objectives may take more effort than usual. There is a heightened chance for going on long trips, which may not bring the desired result, or may turn out not to have been necessary in the first place. During this period you could feel more tired than usual. Your health would need extra attention as you are susceptible to stomach problems, disturbed bowel movement, discomfort in the eyes and heart related problems during this time. Avoid activities that are physically risky, as there is a tendency toward accidents. On the home front, you need to put extra attention on avoiding disputes among family and friends, and make sure you get the extra rest to minimise irritability and mental tension. Disagreements may crop up between you and your spouse, and may affect your married life. Overall harmony and peace at home could also be challenged during this time.

Scorpio Monthly Conclusion – In this month you will go through lots of professional complications and issues. Please beware of any legal penalty fine and punishments. There will opening of new doors new opportunities through communications. Health wise do take care of your back pain headaches eue infections & any issues linked with pain lower abdomen. Your refreshed vision high drive determination devotion discipline will bring dignified rewards. Please beware of cheating deception and theft. Please do take care of your valuables items and take a review of your security insurance.

Tasks for the month

Please mix Channa Dal + Rice and flow in the fast flowing river, Please do wear a copper coin in the silver chain, Please do take 12 blue flowers and bury in the ground for the Next 4 Fridays, please do donate money regularly to the Blind School, Please feed 9kg Barley to the Birds in the PARK.

Precautions for the month

Please refrain from smoking, non vegetarian food & Alcohol.

Chanting for the month

Aum Namoo Bhagwatya Vassudevayya!