Virgo Monthly Horoscope
Monthly Horoscope for October 2018

Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo monthly horoscope this month, Transit of Mercury in the 2nd house from Natal Moon Sign Virgo (6 Oct 2018 12:42:03 to 26 Oct 2018 20:43:36) During this period, Mercury will move through your second house from the Moon. This signifies pecuniary gain and growth of income especially to those who deal in precious gems. This period is also likely to bring in happiness to you in the form of success in learning and attainment of knowledge. This period also brings in the company of good people and gives you an opportunity to savour exotic culinary delights. However, for some, this particular period may bring in sufferings, bad name in the society and your enemy could also be more harmful than usual. This phase also indicates a probable loss of one of your relatives or a near friend.

Transit of Jupiter in the 3rd house from Natal Moon Sign Virgo (11 Oct 2018 19:19:30 to 29 Mar 2019 20:09:03) During this period, Jupiter will move through your third house from the Moon. This brings in indisposition along with some other hurdles into your life. Financially this may not be a good phase for you as you are likely to face obstacles in business and failure in your endeavour. You are also likely to lose some money. At work, you may have to be cautious enough to keep your position or rank. You are also likely to face the opposition of your employer or your colleagues during this time. Stay away from any kind of argument with your siblings and friends, as it might lead to a fight with them. You are also likely to lose a relative or a friend during this time. Your health as well as the health of your spouse would demand extra attention as you both may become susceptible to various diseases during this time. You may also suffer from other hardships and mental anxiety. Avoid undertaking any journey during this period as you might incur some loss in it. On the other hand, some of you may also perform some auspicious deeds or even consider getting married.

Transit of Sun in the 2nd house from Natal Moon Sign Virgo (17 Oct 2018 18:44:15 to 16 Nov 2018 18:32:07) The Sun’s transit through the second house could prove to be a monetarily challenging for you. This period mostly portends absence of expected result or profit in trade and decline in wealth. If you deal in agriculture or trading, this period may bring you some setbacks. This is the time when you are more susceptible to fears than usual. You may feel at risk of being cheated, or experience anxiety for no apparent reason at all. As a result, you may find it difficult to handle ordinary affairs of your life as smoothly as you would otherwise do. You may find yourself not so happy and getting irritated easily even at your near and dear ones, and you may feel less compassion and flexible than usual. If you are susceptible to headaches or problems with your eyes, this is a time were the symptoms may surface.

Transit of Mercury in the 3rd house from Natal Moon Sign Virgo (26 Oct 2018 20:43:36 to 1 Jan 2019 09:49:29) During this period, Mercury will move through your third house from the Moon. This mostly indicates a rough phase with your superiors. You may have to be extra careful while dealing with your superiors and employer. Avoid any kind of argument that may lead to differences of opinion and misunderstandings. Stay away from your known enemies and be careful of unknown ones. However, this period may also give you few new and worthy friends whom you would treasure for life. Handle your finances carefully as money needs extra attention during this period. Be cautious to avoid any loss of wealth. This journey of Mercury may make you suffer from depression, trouble in recollection of facts, mental stress and unexpected hassles in your endeavours.

Virgo Monthly Conclusion – There will be great improvements in your circumstances. You will come across major financial gain & prosperity. You will come across quite a few professional and financial opportunities. Your hard work determination devotion discipline will bring dignified results. You got to be very positive active & on the track. Please do watch your temper & decision choices. Please refrain from any kind of grumpiness sadness and negative attitude. Health wise do take care of your digestive system and any male female health issues.

Tasks for the month

Please do keep river water in the brass gaggar in North-East direction inside your house, Please mix barley & black sesame seeds & feed birds in the park, Please bury 400 black salt in the ground on Saturday early morning, Please fill a copper jug with water and put next to your bed before you sleep and every day drink that water and wash your face and teeth with that water.

Precautions for the month

Please refrain from bad diet.

Chanting for the month

Aum Hanumatya Rudratamkay Hum Phutt!