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Indian Astrology for 2015


Indian Astrology for 2015

Vedic or Indian astrology is not a modern day invention but has been studied as a science for a millennia and actually dates back as far as recorded history! The original astrologers were priests and scholars of great repute who had the emperor’s ear and were looked up to by the general public as reservoirs of precious and immensely valuable knowledge. Even in the Christian belief system the legendary three wise men were said to be astrologers. The Greeks and Romans also based their religious system of Gods around Zeus who was representative of the planet Jupiter. Similar roots can be traced also in the Egyptian civilisation as well as in that of Babylon, Middle East, china etc

Astrology is best understood as a philosophical science that greatly aids an individual to understand life itself rather than just a mere predictive tool. We are all part of the cosmos including the planets and the four elements i.e. Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Astrology interprets the energy present in our lives along with potential and existing challenges and possibilities. What is important to note is that Astrology does not affect people’s religious beliefs and rather takes into account the one thing that is omnipresent in all religions which is the law of Karma.

There are numerous categories of Astrology like Medical, Business, Horary which is the predictive aspect and finally natal which is based on our time, place and date of birth.

The beauty of astrology lies in the fact that it can help one greatly towards gaining control of one’s life. It can reveal to us some damaging behavioural patterns or even pinpoint some latent talents that we don’t even know we are in possession of. It can also determine the best timing for taking certain actions and in the same way help us immensely in myriad ways!

Astrologers pay homage to the maxim ‘As above So below’ which means that there is a direct relation between the planets movements above to human activity below on earth. Make decisions not out of fear but conviction which you can derive in boundless quantity by an expert astrological reading. Give yourself a chance to explore the beautiful mystical world of Vedic Astrology which will surely empower you to rise above your circumstances and take control of your destiny and pave the way to success!