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Job and Profession


Job and Profession

In this case study the caller wants to know about her Son’s job, profession & future. Prakash studies the native’s horoscope and states that towards the end of the month or within 6 weeks he will get a job. In the native’s life a lot of success is there but moon eclipse is also there due to which a lot of frustration and disappointment is there.

Next he also has chandal yog and these two afflictions are causing hindrances in the native’s life. From the age of 34 onwards there will be considerable success and rise and the native will be quite content during this phase of 24 years. These two afflictions will have to go and should not be ignored. For a full astrological remedy a private consultation is required. At the time of the native’s birth a moon eclipse was there along with Rahu and Ketu which lead to obstacles, lack, delays etc.

Chandal yog furthermore caused back problems and marriage complications. Some general remedies include burying 5kg black salt in the ground on Saturday morning, donating dresses and money to small girls, donating money to a blind school, keeping a mud vessel full of honey at home and donating 10 kg or 50kg rice to a temple langar.