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Jupiter Astrology Meaning


Jupiter Astrology Meaning

In the Taittiriya Upanishad Jupiter is said to be the representative of the intellect and speech of the Virat Purusha or the cosmic body. The planet Jupiter in Vedic Astrology is also known as Guru or Brihaspati and is considered the teacher and guru to the gods and devas. It is kapha in constitution, known by its colour yellow and the gemstone yellow sapphire is its representative.

Thursday is his day and north east is his direction. Jupiter rules the number 3 in Indian numerology.

If Jupiter is exalted in one’s horoscope then the possibility is that the native will be quite learned and scholarly and pious. If however it is malefic then the native would be like a nomad and would live a life of poverty.

The energy of the planet Jupiter serves to expand everything it touches making it bigger and better. If one has a well [placed Jupiter then the native would be more inclined towards compassion, morality, spiritualism, faith and good judgement. The native in such a case would be respected, powerful, health, wealthy and a leader. People in high offices be it politics, corporate sector, priests, judges etc are under the positive influence of Brihaspati or Jupiter.

Through an expert interpretation of the placement of Jupiter in a horoscope an astrologer can know about the benefits earned by the native from the karma of his past lives. Jupiter also plays a decisive role in long-distance travel, wisdom, charity, truthfulness, compassion and meditation. It’s also very important for a female as it determines the kind of a marital relation she has with her husband.