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Lack of Peace of Mind and Savings


Lack of Peace of Mind and Savings

In this case study the caller wants to find out about his future professional prospects and remarks that though he has a job but his peace of mind is missing. Prakash astrologer studies the Kundali and states that peace of mind is an internal aspect and nothing to do with external stimuli like job, career etc. He further states that in the horoscope there is a Chandra Grahan or moon eclipse which is causing the native to feel restless and anxious even without any apparent reason. The caller then adds that though he earns good money it never stays and is almost gone before it comes.

To this Prakash tells him that the financial situation will be stabilizing soon and is not that big an issue. The Caller asks about any possible changes in job or residence to which Prakash says that any change will be there only after the 10th of August and not before that and that the changes will be positive and for the better. The most important thing is to remedy the Chandra Grahan at the earliest and permanently. Other than that Prakash mentions that Shani in the horoscope is Neech and can cause an accident, loss of income and money related issues. Astrological Remedies he adds can be given only in part on the live show and for the other half a private and detailed consultation would be required. First thing to do is to get some special shani yantras made and then to be kept on the native’s person at all times.

Next is to get 4kg barley and 16 litres of milk and then to wash the barley with the milk on Wednesday and keep them for a week separately to finally flow all of it in a fast moving river. Furthermore a silver pot is to be filled with honey and buried in the house. The native has to ensure that there is no rakh or vibhuti in his house and also no out of order electrical equipment, unused books, wires, cables, dvd’s, decks, watches either unused or defective, old glasses or spectacles, broken mirrors, chipped crockery, old clothes etc. The native is asked to wear a fine quality Burma ruby around his neck along with a Columbian emerald which will get rid of the feeling of being lost. For the rest of the remedies to combat and remove the Chandra Grahan a private consultation is recommended.