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Lack Of Peace Of Mind and Savings


Lack Of Peace Of Mind and Savings

In this Case Study the caller wants to know about his future prospects and queries after his distinct lack of peace of mind. Prakash astrologer studies the horoscope and says that this is an internal feeling and peace has to be cultivated from within. There is a Chandra (Moon) graham (eclipse) which is making the native mentally restless and suffering from an anxiety for which there is no known reason.

The native is asked to get rid of his Chandra graham for peace of mind etc. Furthermore the caller comments that money never stays with him to which Prakash astrologer remarks that this issue will sort itself out but with passage of time. The caller then asks about a possible change of job and residence to which Prakash astrologer replies that after the 10th of August there will be a profession related change which will be for the better.

Two things need to be addressed in the kundali namely Chandra Grahan and the neech status of the planet Saturn or Shani. Shani is also the cause of financial problems, expenditure and also could cause an accident in the coming time. These have to be resolved permanently and properly and if left alone the whining and crying will continue and peace of mind will always remain elusive. Astro remedies include getting a Shani yantra to be kept by the native in his pocket for 43 days; next is to wash 4kg barley with 16 litres of milk and flow in a fast moving river after keeping it next to the native’s bedside for a week (task to be performed 16 times); fill a silver pot with honey and bury it in the house; ensure that there is no ashes or taweez in the house; ensure that there is no out of order electrical equipment, unused books and magazines, wires, cables, defective items, unused TV, Video player, broken or unused spectacles, broken glasses, chipped crockery, old clothes etc.

The house has to be made clutter free; finally the native is instructed to wear a fine Burma ruby and a Columbian emerald around his neck in a gold chain which will ensure that the native is not in a state of confusion and is not lost or all over the place. Detailed remedies for the graham or eclipse Prakash says can be given only in a personal consultation as it is quite detailed.

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