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Marriage And Immigration


Marriage And Immigration

In this case study the caller wants to know about her sister’s marriage & settlement in the UK. Prakash studies the Lady’s chart and says that the marriage window of the native is open from 10th August onwards for one year.

To the answer of settlement and immigration to the UK Prakash remarks that though it is possible a lot of running around will be required. The caller then asks about astrological remedial measures to which Prakash replies that firstly the native is to wear a golden yellow sapphire and a real sea water pearl in a solid gold piece around her neck, then in her left hand middle finger she is to wear a real fine quality Colombian emerald and diamond set in platinum or silver.

What has to no ensured is that there are no joints in the ring; every week 5kg barley is to be fed to the birds. After the 10th of August a new fresh future will dawn for the native and her whole situation will transform.