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Marriage And Relationship With Family


Marriage And Relationship With Family

In this case study the caller wants to know about her Son’s Marriage relationship. Prakash studies the couple’s charts and states that the marriage is subject to external interference which is causing ups and downs and leading to frequent fights. The caller adds that the wife especially is not happy or even ready to adjust or compromise. To this Prakash says that the boy is Manglik and is susceptible to outside influence and though the marriage could survive it will be marred by a lot of conflict.

Prakash clarifies that the girl is frustrated due to her anger and she needs to understand that no marriage is perfect and every relationship requires compromise. This frustration is quite old and she has the tendency to only think of herself and not others. The couple who are not compromising always break up and the mouth needs to be shut and anger not expressed. After the age of 35 year if the girl stays angry it will lead to disease and sickness. The caller wants to then find out if things will ever change to which Prakash states that it will take time and will work only if both parties stop being angry and frustrated all the time. Either anger or intellect can exist but not both as no problem has ever been solved with anger and cribbing.

Prakash clarifies that the wife is not ready to understand what her mind says and she needs to accept her husband as he is and stop nit picking over every small thing. About children Prakash adds that the window is right now open. The problem is also that the native has started enjoying this constant complaining and if she doesn’t stop it will lead to a breakdown. The couple can also buy their property but marriage has to be taken care of. The girl is actually taking out her anger on her in-laws on her husband as a sort of revenge which really is the most stupid thing she can do to destroy her married life.