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Marriage Compatibility Match


Marriage Compatibility Match

In this case the caller wants to know about her compatibility with a potential marriage partner. She adds that she was married before but it didn’t work out and now she wants to find out beforehand if astrologically this union will work out. Prakash Astrologer studies their charts and explains that in the callers horoscope there is a Mangleek Factor.

The potential marriage relationship will be quite tough, demanding and not at all simple and straightforward. In the long run the situation will be even more demanding. The caller again remarks that she had a very bad marital experience and now needs advise before proceeding down the marriage road again. Prakash asserts that he has already made his views clear and also that the next 7 years will be full of ups and downs and the caller’s manglik factor will cause conflicts, repulsion factor, arguments, misunderstandings and destruction of the relationship.

On the topic of remedial measures Prakash adds that the caller should seek a private detailed consultation as the matter is quite complex and he can then make it clear what is possible with Astro remedies and what is not.