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Marriage Problems


Marriage Problems

Marriage problems case study deals with a caller who is very concerned about her brother who’s married but doesn’t get along with his wife and kids. This man entered into an arranged marriage and Prakash tells the caller that there is a malefic Yog -kal sarp yog in the horoscope of her brother wherein on account of outside interference there will be misunderstandings and friction between man and wife. The caller informs that the wife is staying in Pakistan but the husband is in the UK and does not want any contact.
The caller also further informs Prakash that her brother is also quite depressed and on medication.
Prakash suggest a remedy for the man to wear a ruby and an emeraland around his neck in a gold chain or a silver one. This he says would be very helpful for the wearer to maintain mental balance and also aid in his general well being.
Then the caller asks about her own relationship with a dear friend which has gone sour. Prakash asks questions about the sex and age of the friend with whom the relation has broken down. Prakash then says that it’s hard to confirm if the relation will be repaired but the situation will be better in the future.