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Marriage Relationship


Marriage Relationship

In this Case Study the caller wants to know about the marriage prospects of her son. Prakash astrologer studies the birth horoscope and remarks that there is a pitri dosh present and then the 7th house is not positioned in a good way with Rahu as its occupant and finally Ketu is placed in the lagana with the Moon in the 6th house.

Prakash adds that the native should not get married before the astrological issues are fully resolved or it will break down and end in divorce and there will be a development of enmity and misunderstandings.

Prakash adds that a personal consultation should be taken for a detailed analysis and remedies that are to be done as three aspects have to be resolved and that too before marriage takes place or from day one the husband wife will blame each other of cheating and lying and will fight constantly.

The rashi of the native is makkar and his moon is quite neech and needs to be raised or the native will never achieve personal happiness and peace of mind.

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