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Marriage Window and Relationship Happiness


Marriage Window and Relationship Happiness

In this case study the caller wants to find out when he will get married. Prakash astrologer studies the native’s horoscope and replies that his marriage window would be opening from August this year but it will be ultimately up to him whether he really wants to marry at this time and if the circumstances will allow the same. The native then adds that he would like to first get a proper job and then after settling down professionally he would himself like to marry after 2 years. Prakash astrologer then recommends that ideally from an astrological point of view the native should delay getting married for at least the next three and a half years. This being so because it is more important for the native to settle and develop his career first and there would be no point in marrying before this happens. If the native delays his marriage he would be enhancing his marital happiness in the long run. Prakash astrologer adds that the native should not rush into marriage under pressure as that would result in an unhappy and detached relationship with zero communication with the spouse and a lot of anger and frustration. The native is also advised to marry only when he is sure that he would be able to do full justice to the relationship and when he really needs companionship. The marriage window would open for a year starting August 15 and then it will shut to re-open in 2019 which would be the right time to marry.