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Medical Astrology


Medical Astrology

Health is an individual’s true wealth and if that is missing the individual will be greatly hindered in his or her pursuit of happiness despite having great riches and the like!

Medical Astrology is the branch that deals with the working and functioning of the human body. An expert Vedic Astrologer is able to analyse an individual’s horoscope and derive information about his or her bodily strengths, weaknesses, chances of contracting certain diseases and even identifying deficiencies related to nutrition, diet etc. Even the course of a disease that could or is already affecting an individual can be charted by using a special chart also known as a decumbiture chart.

Medical astrology also plays an important role in helping the native decide the best date and time for an elective surgical procedure. Periods of extreme stress and lowered immunity and vitality can be pinpointed accurately wherein the native is able to take special precautions or even employ remedies to combat the same.

Traditionally the most common method employed in medical astrology is interpretation of the natal transit i.e. the birth chart and horary astrology i.e. a chart based on the current position of the planets to the horoscope.

The three primary influencers in medical astrology are the Sun, moon and the 6th house of the horoscope.  Each of the seven planets exerts an influence towards the outcome of an illness and in fact the 12 zodiac signs represent different aspects of the human body including its organs and related functions.

Medical astrology can be employed to interpret the cosmic influence in respect of illness that would seek to answer the following questions:

Severity of the particular disease

  • Duration of the disease
  • Outcome of the disease and
  • Means or remedies that can help or facilitate the patient’s recovery.