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Pitri Dosh Debt


Pitri Dosh Debt

in this case study the caller wants to find out the reason behind her high stress and tension level which is always very high. Prakash studies her kundali and states that the 7th house has Pitr dosh which causes hate, jealousy and issues. In addition there is a Chandal yog, manglik dosh, ankarak dosh all of which is causing a lot of strife, conflicts and issues in her daily and matrimonial life. Caller says that she is trying to keep calm but it’s not working out. Her life will be full of strife and issues unless Pitr dosh and other afflictions are lifted.

Even if she experiences short-term peace of mind and happiness it will not stay and fights will go from bad to worse and finally the relationship will break down. The proper astrological procedure has to be followed and the native will have to follow the detailed guidance anddo the astro remedies etc which can be given in detail only in a detailed private consultation.

On a query from the caller Prakash explains that her past karma has created Pitr dosh and without it going away permanently no solution would work and an intensive consultation has to be had. For the moment the caller is asked to bury 12 blue flowers every Friday after writing her name and her husband’s on each one. Prakash clarifies that this is a basic task and would definitely not cover the Pitr Dosh but is a minimum yet essential remedy.