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Pitri Dosh Or Debt


Pitri Dosh Or Debt

In this Case Study the caller wants to know why she is always under stress and tension. Prakash astrologer studies her horoscope and remark that there is a pitri dosh in her 7th house along with a mangal dosh and also a chandal dosh which is the cause of her suffering.

The native asks about this period ending to which Prakash replies that it is not a time bound situation and remedies will have to be done to get rid of it or the marriage relationship will be full of conflicts, issues and tensions. Nothing will change on it’s own and fights etc will only worsen in intensity with no peace of mind.

A full astrological procedure will have to be followed and astro remedies will have to be employed. The caller then adds that her husband drinks liquor to which Prakash retorts that it is of no effect as the horoscope of the native is such that the situation is worsening due to pitri dosh.

For the moment Prakash asks the native to take 12 blue flowers and after writing her and her husband’s name on each one to bury them in the ground every Friday evening. A personal intensive consultation is required to get the full astro remedies as due to three big aspects the remedy is not a short one that can be relayed on live tv.

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