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Professional Future


Professional Future

In this case the caller wants to know about her Son’s Professional prospects and adds that he just recently finished his educational course in travel and tourism. Prakash astrologer studies the native’s birth chart and states that the native should not do any kind of business at the moment but he should instead become an employee or even an apprentice. Although the native has done a course in travel etc. he would be best suited to join an estate agency. The native is asked to devote at least the next five years to learning the art of real estate business and should put in maximum effort towards the same. This will serve to give him a great start and he should apply to join as an apprentice in the fields of Insurance brokerage, Real estate etc.

If the native adopts the attitude of a student then he will do well but he has to ensure that there is no expectation other than learning and through that developing. After 8 years the native will not need anyone’s support professionally. He should also be able to differentiate between a mere job and a life-long career. The main difference being that it is a career that has a future and is long term while job could be anything that helps you pay the bills.

The caller then wants to know how her relationship will be with the native to which Prakash comments that though there won’t be any fundamental conflict but the native is at times quite self-destructive and prone to live in illusion and be egoistic. He is also too much of a dreamer too. Marriage will be better as late as possible and if the native gets married sooner then it will be highly problematic and full of impatience, demands, commands and temper. The optimal would be to marry at the age of 28 not before and that too once the native is able to stand on his feet financially.