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Professional Prospects And Settlement


Professional Prospects And Settlement

In this case study the caller wants to know about his Business prospects and specifically his profession of import & export. His work is shut since the last one and a half years and he now wants to know when he can start again and if he should he do it in the current country he is in or go back to Hongkong where he was based earlier. Prakash studies the caller’s chart and states that the current time is quite tough and some relief will be there in July. The caller then asks about remedial measures to which Prakash asks him to firstly keep two solid silver balls on his person at all times; then he is asked to wear fine gold ear studs; donate bananas, money and a blanket to religious priests time and again and finally to wear a solid gold square piece around his neck in a gold chain.

Prakash clarifies that the objective astrologically is to transform Rahu into the Moon and Ketu to Brihaspati as that’s the only way Rahu and Ketu are in a position to be beneficial or they will only create obstacles and weaken the native literally bring him to his knees. To the question of field of business Prakash replies that Import export business is possible and opportunity to make money is there but the coming 4 years will be full of considerable struggle. The time will change if Rahu is sorted out but technical problems will be there.

The native is asked to avoid wearing beads and use silver balls that are pure and casted. Additionally the native is asked to bury 4kg back salt in the ground every Saturday morning at least 4 times and furthermore he is also asked to avoid alcohol and non veg food. This is very important if benefits are to be reaped after the 10th of August. What is also very useful is to visit a temple every day barefoot which will provide the support that is required for the coming 4 years.