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Restaurant Business


Restaurant Business

Description: In this case study the caller wants to find out about opening a restaurant. He adds that the deal is almost final and the main entrance of the restaurant building is west facing and he is quite desirous of building up the energy of the Sun. Prakash remarks that the western direction of the entrance means that the governing planet is Shani. To this the caller interjects that he is going through a period of Saturn’s Sade Sati to which Prakash retorts that it is too late for that and the native is to stay strong and do the remedies which would be enough for the situation to stabilize and improve. The native is told that for the coming 6 to 9 months he has to be very determined and strong to make the establishment a success. As for the astro remedial measures the native has to keep burying 1kg or 4kg or 7-8kg black salt in the ground every Saturday.

Then he has to offer people fee beer following which barley is to be fed to the birds regularly. A mixed colour blanket, bananas and some money is to be donated to religious priests and their blessings are to be sought. Chanting some special mantras has to be done all the time. The caller then asks about the possibility of placing a fountain in the North eastern direction and to place some plants to which Prakash says the plants have to be Z category and not ones with thorns like cactus etc. Furthermore money plants would be suitable and the native is asked to bury 8 one pound coins in each pot and place the plant on top of an octagonal mirror. Prakash informs the native that if he does this and keeps on at it for the next six months his life would transform totally. There would be a step two after six months as then learning phase finishes and growth phase would start. The caller wants to find out if he should place a mirror on the east side of the restaurant to which Prakash states that now is not the right time as this would both activate and also deactivate the energy.

Prakash adds that the native should set up a Wealth corner and install an aquarium or a big fish bowl with three gold fish but to ensure that if any fish dies it is to be replaced immediately within 24 hours. The restaurant has to be very clean and the entrance especially has to be washed thoroughly from the outside. This is important to remove the old energy and infuse it with new energy. Next a fragrance has to be there which is nice, pleasant and welcoming. The caller states that at the moment the restaurant would be opening only in the evening and if he should open daytime too to which Prakash says to him to not rush and first establish himself and then explore options for extending the working hours etc. The most important pointers for the restaurant are to have a clean environment, do the decorations tastefully and then provide a high level of service. Service industry is all about personal relationships and future growth depends on it fully.