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Restaurant Business


Restaurant Business

In this Case Study the caller wants to know about a restaurant that he is shortly going to acquire. He asks if the West facing entrance would be okay. Prakash clarifies that this means that Shani would be governing the restaurant to which the potential owner replies that his sade sati is going on. Prakash tells him not to worry about that as it is too late now and he is already in the arena so all he should do is to put in lot of effort to make it a success.

For the coming 6-9 month the native has to be quite determined and strong. Astro remedies that will help include burying 1kg or 4kg or 7kg or 8kg black salt in the ground every Saturday; offering free beer to people; donating a mixed colour blanket, bananas and some money to religious priests; chanting all the time. A water fountain to be established in the North east direction; at least three healthy plants should be there in the left-hand corner but no cactus; z category plants would be ideal and on top of an octagon shaped mirror; furthermore each plant should have 8 one pound coins buried alongside; east 3 plants healthy plants no cactus; z plant category on top of octagon mirror; in each plant eight 1 pound coins to be buried in it.

Prakash adds that if the native manages to establish himself in the next 6 months then his life will transform. In the north east direction there should be an aquarium which should firstly have 3 gold fish to start with; next a ghaggar full of river water and with its mouth covered by a coconut wrapped in a green cloth should be placed in the wealth corner; the premises should be extremely clean and the entrance especially should be washed thoroughly with a pressure jet from the outside; the opening time is evenings only which Prakash says is fine. Finally Prakash adds that the decoration and presentation should be immaculate and the service very good for the restaurant to be a success.

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