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Settlement And Immigration


Settlement And Immigration

In this case study the caller wants to know about her sister’s settlement overseas. Prakash studies the native’s chart and explains that she should have moved overseas quite some time back. Health wise the native is asked to take care of all issues related to stomach, blood, urine and eyesight and in addition to watch her diet.

The time that was good for her to come overseas has now gone and at present she has to be prepared to spend at least 6 months and within 1.5 years she will manage to move overseas.

For health etc she needs to donate bananas, money and blankets to a religious priest after touching everything to her stomach and make sure this is done at her home and not at the temple; next is to bury 12kg black salt in the ground at least twice on Saturday mornings between 0430-0630, after this is to donate 12kg rice to a gurudwara or temple langar; feed barley to birds; as per her weight the native is to dump dy coconuts in a deep hole but after touching each one to her forehead and rotating it around her head 108 times.