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Stubbornness And Professional Future


Stubbornness And Professional Future

In this case study the caller wants to know about her Son’s Future and adds that he doesn’t study at all and has now recently left his education half way. Prakash astrologer studies the horoscope and remarks that if the boy chooses to not complete his education he will face a very hard time.

If the native is not heeding his parent’s advise then only life will teach its lessons to him. Ideally as per the horoscope the native should pursue a course in accountancy, electronic engineering or software engineering. The caller remarks that the native is now driving a taxi and left his studies completely and is very stubborn. Prakash adds that the native is not only stubborn but also very egoistic even if he has nothing to back it up with. The time till June 2017 is going to be quite difficult and demanding and it is only after this date that he will start to understand things.

The only option open to the caller is to leave the native alone and give him time and space since till the time the native doesn’t learn a hard lesson he will refuse to listen. The caller adds that the native was earlier wearing a silver piece around his neck which Prakash astrologer said was wrong and of no help to him whatsoever. The best remedy astrologically is to flow 10kg rice in a fast moving river from time to time and refrain from any kind of gemstones and chains etc.