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Stuck Project


Stuck Project

In this case study the caller wants to know about his project’s prospects and is hoping this week to finish a long stuck work of his. The past 2 and a half years his work has been stuck due to the other people involved who are in a bad relationship and talk without respect to the native. The native wants to know the outcome for when he goes again for his work. Prakash studies the Gentleman’s chart and explain says the situation is delicate and not straightforward. After 14th June changes are there for the better regarding his future. Project success & future and stability will be there after 22 June. Even if provoked the native should stay calm and view it as the other party’s weakness and not as a personal challenge.

Please don’t talk rubbish to anyone and keep your cool and adopt a professional attitude and don’t get sucked into a trap by the other person. People are jealous of others and say useless things but the native has to be balanced. The native will go through a testing time and has to pass through it. He should think that the more difficult the test the better will the end results be. Till 7th September he should not do anything that he might regret later and instead just build up his confidence and motivation. No one can stop him but can surely disturb and delay his work. The native asks if things will ever change and Prakash asks him to do the astro remedies given earlier and rest assured. A very unique and good time is coming which cannot be stopped by anyone. This time will give the native an opportunity for 19 years to make the best of his presentation, knowledge and ability.

He will be recognised and duly appreciated and achieve status with his long held desires being fulfilled. He shouldn’t be disheartened as this time currently is a test by time itself and will give him something better after this. Not everything will be suitable for him as per the offerings and out of 10 it could be that 3 are good for him so he has to judge carefully. The base of the native’s success for the next 19 years is his knowledge and skill and then will come another period of 17 years so he will have 36 years in all. Native says obstacles keep cropping up to which Prakash replies that it is only temporary and everything will be sorted once the new time will come. The native needs vision and drive and always stay calm and not be provocative. The coming future is fantastic so he should keep going and after just 4 months everything will change.