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Time of Marriage


Time of Marriage

In this case the caller wants to know about her Sister’s marriage and settlement. Prakash studies the native’s chart and explains to the caller that in the native’s birth horoscope there is a Moon Eclipse and a very strong Mangleek. Moreover even if a marriage was to be done it would break down in case Astro remedies to combat these two afflictions are not done. The marriage window would be open after August 10 but the native’s manglik factor would prevent marriage and be a major obstacle. For the Astro remedies Prakash says that though he will give some basic remedial measures but the native requires a full private consultation to get to the root cause of the astrological afflictions and remove the same. Prakash astrologer adds that some astrologers maintain that a native’s manglik factor is time bound and goes away on its own with age but this he said is a myth and unless the correct astrological remedy is not done it stays till the very end.

Another precaution for the native is that after her marriage she has to watch her word of speech. Right now a lot of effort is required to remedy these two afflictions. The native is already 36 and even the next 10 years will go to waste due to the grahas. It doesn’t matter if the groom is manglik. Some remedies to be done by the native include wearing a solid gold square piece around her neck; feeding 5kg barley to the birds every Wednesday; shower with yoghurt and milk mixture and donate rice, sugar and cholle dal to a langar. The caller then asks if there is any chance of the native securing a government job to which Prakash replies that she has to try very hard and put in maximum effort.

The last question then is put by the caller about the native’s prospects of moving overseas to which Prakash says that as per her kundli the native should have already gone abroad and the native should now consult an immigration lawyer to seek advise on how to get abroad. Health wise the native should take care of her ladies health, stomach and depression. The caller adds that the native has been wearing a pearl ring in the ring finger of her left hand which Prakash says is wrong and should be removed. The caller adds that they did do some half baked remedies like marriage for removing manglik factor and donations etc to which Prakash says that it did not work as the native should have been married back in 2005 if mangleek factor had been removed. Finally Prakash says that the Astro remedial measures should be ideally done before the 10th of august so that the native can now get married.