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Transit of Rahu and Ketu in 2016


Transit of Rahu and Ketu in 2016

Transit means the passage of a heavenly body a planet through the Zodiac. We prepare the birth chart on the basis of time, date of birth & place of birth.

To judge the transit we need an EPHEMERIS for the year for which the good or bad effects by transits are to be judged.

The transit system consist of appraising the position of the nine planets at a particular time for which the good or bad effects are to be ascertained together with the planetary position and the rising sign in the birth chart.

One of the basic theories of Indian Astrology is that all influences of the planets give their fruit through the MOON that the Moon being the heavenly body nearest to the earth, the influences filter through the Moon, because Moon governs the vision, happiness & health.

In Indian Astrology to judge the transit from the natal Moon chart.
The sign in which the Moon is at Birth is popularly called the RASHI of the native. Rashi literally means a cluster or a heap. But since the signs in Indian Astrology are identified with constellations which contain a heap or cluster of stars, forming a particular geometric pattern.

In Indian astrology RAHU & KETU are known as two invisible planets. Rahu or North node of the Moon and Ketu or South node of the Moon are actually the point of intersection of the paths of the Sun & the Moon where they move on the celestial sphere. The point of intersection where Moon is rising above the earth during transiting is called RAHU or Dragon’s Head or Ascending Node of the Moon, The point of intersection where Moon is declining below the earth is called KETU or Dragon’s Tail or Descending Node of the Moon AND they are 180 degrees apart from each other.

These nodes are quite important to astrologers, astronomers & numerologists. These nodal are not fixed points in the outer space but more ‘backwards’ that is always Retrograde and never direct.
Because in ancient times with the help of these nodes exact dates of the solar and lunar eclipse could be determined by astrologers and astronomers.

Since their influence creates a wide range of emotional behaviour and reflect bipolar nature of mankind.

Rahu, the north node of Moon, the negative aspect of Rahu in a native makes them active and disruptive which works mainly on the mental level. It is a malefic planet dynamic in nature, hedonistic, eternally dissatisfied. Rahu makes its natives egotistic, selfish, stubborn, awkward, irrational, pleasure seeking, cruel, ruthless, conspirators, spies & rebels. Rahu bring confusion, ignorance, arrogance, phobias, enmity & evil acts.

The positive aspect of Rahu gives talents for photography, graphic designing, Film image presentation & editing, software designing, aeronautical engineering, Alien technology & Super advance Technology. It brings fame rising & success, physical attractiveness & beauty. Rahu makes its natives super intelligent, sharp as samurai, bold as a lion & very secretive. Rahu can make native extremely successful but often they occupy seat in opposition. Rahu gives its natives unique vision through which they also see the unseen side of all truth.

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  • Rahu gives health problems suffering which cannot be diagnosed or cured. Rahu also gives its native self-destructive self-inflicted tendencies.
  • Rahu rules the zodiac sign Virgo and exalted in Taurus-Gemini and debilitated in Sagittarius-Scorpio.
  • The house good for Rahu are 3rd and 6th House
  • The house bad for Rahu are 8th & 12th House
  • Rahu’s element is Air.
  • Rahu’s metal is Lead.
  • Rahu’s day is Wednesday.
  • Rahu’s direction is South-West.
  • Rahu’s Number is 4.
  • Rahu and Ketu, the two nodes of the Moon, take about 19 months to transit through a sign.

Rahu is going to enter in Leo & Ketu in Aquarius on 9th Jan 2016 at UK TIME 04:54:30 hours.

They are unique in the sense that they are always transiting retrograde.

Rahu and Ketu are the mysterious unseen points in space causing the Eclipses.

They are not technically planets but their influence & effect is so significant & important that they are given the status of the planets. These are next in importance to the other two planets Jupiter & Saturn. These four are the slowest moving planets and require maximum attention when they transit.

But in 2016 when Rahu is going to enter in Leo & Ketu in Aquarius on 9th Jan 2016 at UK TIME 04:54:30 hours. This year is different than the normal transit this year Rahu & Jupiter are getting united in Leo which will cause Chandal Dosh.This union means sadness, frustrations, living conflicts with your loved ones, emotional hurt, extreme stress, uncertainties, insecurities, separation from the loved ones, financial losses, professional losses, loss due to cheating and deceptions, health problems linked with breathing nervous system and heart, suffering with secret enemies, parental health problems & fruitless running around waste of time money.

But Chandal Dosh’s effect will different for each sign according to the respective position of Chandal Dosh for each sign.

Transit of Rahu in Leo on 9th Jan 2016 at UK times 04:54 HOURS till 8th Sept 2017, and associating with Jupiter till 10th Aug 2016.