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Vedic Astrological Remedial Measures


Vedic Astrological Remedial Measures

Vedic Astrology is a science that has the potential to inform us in advance of the coming time both favourable and unfavourable. It also tells us of certain problems or obstacles that we are likely to encounter and more importantly it gives us the remedial measures that we can employ not to just minimise the damage but also to maximize the gain.

As a first step Vedic Astrology endeavours to identify the weak or afflicted aspect of one’s horoscope and then also gives the apt remedial measures that would serve to propitiate the malefic planets or even strengthening the weak planets along with the exact time to initiate the same.

The ancient astrological treatise authored by Sage Parashara reveals to us the fact that the celestial planets are there to confer on us the results both good and bad of our karma. Remedies are used to mitigate the evil effects of inauspicious planetary combinations which are actually the results of our bad deeds in this life and even the ones before.

The efficacy and relevance of Vedic astrology is closely entwined with its prescriptive and remedial nature. People don’t want just a warning of an impending event but more importantly they want to know of the remedy that can help them escape the same. In the same manner they want to know of their coming good fortune and also how they can derive maximum benefit from the same. Thus Vedic Astrology serves the dual purpose of both informing you of rough and happy times and also the way to neutralise and maximise the same respectively.

The remedies usually come in the shape of:

• Chanting special mantras
• Donating money, food, specific articles to particular categories of individuals and/or institutions
• Performing certain rituals
• Wearing specific gemstones
• Observing certain vows, for e.g. abstinence from non vegetarian food, sex, intoxicants etc
• Avoiding wearing certain colours
• Not accepting particular electronic goods or even utensils etc
• Not purchasing items like footwear, vehicle, property etc.