Business and Future

In this Case Study the caller wants to know about his work and future prospects. He says that he was in international shipping but now recently had to merge with another firm and is currently without any direction. Prakash astrologer studies his kundali and remarks that there is a chandal dosh, kal sarp yog and Chandra graham present in the horoscope. After the year 2012 brihaspati dasha should have brought the native a lot of benefits but due to chandal yog everything was ruined and income was destroyed and challenging and trying situations became the norm.


Pitri Dosh Or Debt

In this Case Study the caller wants to know why she is always under stress and tension. Prakash astrologer studies her horoscope and remark that there is a pitri dosh in her 7th house along with a mangal dosh and also a chandal dosh which is the cause of her suffering.

The native asks about this period ending to which Prakash replies that it is not a time bound situation and remedies will have to be done to get rid of it or the marriage relationship will be full of conflicts, issues and tensions. Nothing will change on it’s own and fights etc will only worsen in intensity with no peace of mind.


Field of Study and Health

In this case study the caller wants to find out the best stream of education to pursue for his son. Prakash studies the child’s horoscope and remarks that the native is an artist and should pursue the field of Arts and Craft and ideally should study architecture. The native can excel but it will require effort from the parents. Health wise care should be taken of all issues related to stomach, throat and neck. The native will achieve a lot of name, fame and will be a renowned person in the future.

Currently the native is 6 years old and for the next 22 years he has to be guided with a single minded focus after which he will shine. The caller is asked to take care of the native’s food and dietary habits as the only downfall of the child can be that related to health After the child attains the age 13, 17 and 22 he will display his innate genius. The child is extremely gifted by has pitri dosh which will show its effect in the form of health related complications. The prescribed chanting consists of two mantras:


Marriage Relationship

In this Case Study the caller wants to know about the marriage prospects of her son. Prakash astrologer studies the birth horoscope and remarks that there is a pitri dosh present and then the 7th house is not positioned in a good way with Rahu as its occupant and finally Ketu is placed in the lagana with the Moon in the 6th house.

Prakash adds that the native should not get married before the astrological issues are fully resolved or it will break down and end in divorce and there will be a development of enmity and misunderstandings.


Restaurant Business

In this Case Study the caller wants to know about a restaurant that he is shortly going to acquire. He asks if the West facing entrance would be okay. Prakash clarifies that this means that Shani would be governing the restaurant to which the potential owner replies that his sade sati is going on. Prakash tells him not to worry about that as it is too late now and he is already in the arena so all he should do is to put in lot of effort to make it a success.

For the coming 6-9 month the native has to be quite determined and strong. Astro remedies that will help include burying 1kg or 4kg or 7kg or 8kg black salt in the ground every Saturday; offering free beer to people; donating a mixed colour blanket, bananas and some money to religious priests; chanting all the time. A water fountain to be established in the North east direction; at least three healthy plants should be there in the left-hand corner but no cactus; z category plants would be ideal and on top of an octagon shaped mirror; furthermore each plant should have 8 one pound coins buried alongside; east 3 plants healthy plants no cactus; z plant category on top of octagon mirror; in each plant eight 1 pound coins to be buried in it.


Lack Of Peace Of Mind and Savings

In this Case Study the caller wants to know about his future prospects and queries after his distinct lack of peace of mind. Prakash astrologer studies the horoscope and says that this is an internal feeling and peace has to be cultivated from within. There is a Chandra (Moon) graham (eclipse) which is making the native mentally restless and suffering from an anxiety for which there is no known reason.

The native is asked to get rid of his Chandra graham for peace of mind etc. Furthermore the caller comments that money never stays with him to which Prakash astrologer remarks that this issue will sort itself out but with passage of time. The caller then asks about a possible change of job and residence to which Prakash astrologer replies that after the 10th of August there will be a profession related change which will be for the better.


Career in Medicine

In this Case Study the caller wants to know about the education and career prospects of her daughter who is scheduled to apply for university. The native is thinking of going in the medical stream but is unsure. Prakash studies the horoscope and remarks that medical stream is okay but it will involve a lot of effort along with considerable amounts of discipline, dedication and motivation. The best career choice should be one that is of the native’s own choice and will and the parent is asked to not make it a prestige issue. Education would be like a passport to a better life for the native and a source of happiness and contentment.

The caller is then told that if she wants the native to become a professionally qualified person then two things are to be done immediately. First is to get the native to wear in the right hand index finger a very fine quality blue sapphire and diamond; then around her neck she should wear a fine quality golden yellow sapphire. This will improve the native’s drive, vision and help her focus on her qualification. The native can be quite outspoken, rude and bitter and if no remedies are done then she will also face women health problems and marital issues later on.


Marriage Relationship

In this case study the caller wants to know about her son’s second marriage. She says that his first marriage ended in a divorce and now she wants to know about the prospects of the second one. Prakash astrologer studies the horoscope of the native and remarks that the native is Manglik with the planets Sun & Mercury positioned in his 8th house wherein the marriage partner, no matter who she is, will not get along with him and the relationship will always end in grief and separation.

Prakash astrologer further adds that the caller in the capacity of a parent has a duty to perform the required Astro remedies and resolve the native’s manglik factor and then correct the positioning of both Sun and Mercury. On being asked about the remedies the caller is informed that some remedies can be given on the live show but a full detail can only be given in a personal consultation. The first remedy is for the native to wear in his right hand ring finger a ring with three bands of fine gold, red gold and silver. Next the native should wear around his neck a fine quality columbian emerald and a ruby like a pendant. After this is the task of organizing a special ‘Mangla chandika pujan’ which has to be supplemented with 150000 chanting of a special mantra.


Career and Profession

In this case study the caller wants to find out about the future prospects of her son specifically about his career, job and marriage. Prakash astrologer studies the horoscope and asks what the native is currently doing to which the caller replies that he is employed and is working. Prakash adds that the current time is quite tough and demanding and will remain so till June 2018. This is due to Rahu’s Antar-dasha in Shani due to which the native needs to be wary of financial loss and take all finance related decisions very carefully.

Prakash adds that the native is a very independent thinker and stubborn and won’t even listen to other people’s views leave alone take their advise. The native is not a child who can be made to understand and is now over 28 years old and is somewhat selfish as per his own needs. Stubborn attitude is dominant and he will do what he wants be it right or wrong. The caller then asks after the Astro remedies to which Prakash astrologer says that the first thing to do is to place 2kg barley next to the native’s bedside and every other day feed it to the birds. This will destroy the chandal dosh but it has to be done regularly at least 240 times. Then the native is to donate a mixed colour blanket, bananas and some money to a religious priest. Next in order to add to the native’s thinking prowess and encourage adoption of a creative and positive attitude he should wear a fine quality ruby, yellow sapphire and pearl around his neck.


Marriage and Divorce

In this case study the caller wants to know about her daughter who got divorced just after 3 months and now ants to know what the future prospects of her second marriage etc will be. Prakash astrologer studies the horoscope and remarks that in the native’s 7th house there is a Surya Grahan or eclipse due to which the marriage relationship will be tarred by enmity and animosity and will deteriorate to such an extent that it will be extremely hard to make it work.

The Surya Grahan has to be resolved and gotten rid of from the kundali. The Astro remedies include firstly donating a quantity same as the native’s body weight of whole meal atta and whole moong dal sabut to a temple langar at least 43 times. Next task is to donate 6kg each of pure desi ghee and sugar to a temple langar at least 43 times. Prakash further clarifies that in the native’s horoscope there is no happiness related to marriage and the same can be achieved only in the shape of a boon or blessing.


Complications, Financial Losses and Kaal Sarap

In this case study the caller wants to know about his future prospects especially related to finances and health. Prakash astrologer studies the Kundali and states that the caller ie the native has a Nandi Yog and a Kal Sarp Yog in his Kundali or horoscope which will create health related issues especially to do with blood, urine, bladders, kidneys, legs and feet. The native adds that he migrated to Dubai almost 7 years back but things haven’t been going well for him at all. Prakash clarifies that the time at the moment is quite tough even though there is a Chandrama Dasha going on till July 2017 which wants to give the native everything he desires but due to Shani and Rahu combining together to form a Nandi Yog everything is being ruined.

This needs to be addressed as these two planets are dominating the entire Kundali and having an adverse effect on the health and wealth of the native. Kal Sarp Yoga AND Nandi Yog and then Rahu after the age of 42 years are together destroying everything. Furthermore Astro remedies need to be done to tackle these and notice has to be taken of the fact that Venus is burnt which means that the body will lose its inherent beauty and there will be financial loss, debts and sickness related to blood, nervous system, kidneys will occur. The native could also be rendered handicapped due to loss of a limb for the same reasons. The Moon is trying to support the native but is ineffective in face of three combinations namely Saturn & Rahu; Sun & Venus and Mars and Mercury all of whom are totally wrong.


Marriage Window and Relationship Happiness

In this case study the caller wants to find out when he will get married. Prakash astrologer studies the native’s horoscope and replies that his marriage window would be opening from August this year but it will be ultimately up to him whether he really wants to marry at this time and if the circumstances will allow the same. The native then adds that he would like to first get a proper job and then after settling down professionally he would himself like to marry after 2 years.


Conceiving A Baby

In this Case Study Prakash astrologer studies the birth horoscopes or kundalis of the caller and his wife and asks the caller if he ever got a marriage compatibility done before his marriage. To this the caller sheepishly replies that at the time he had no faith in astrology and besides knew the girl from before. Prakash then asks what the problem is to which the native replies that despite trying for quite some time he and his wife are unable to conceive a child and around two years back the wife had suffered a miscarriage.

Prakash replies that there is a lock on the birth of a child in the wife’s horoscope and also there are some problems in the husband’s too. The marriage is now 4 years old and the astro remedies should have ideally been performed before that. Prakash says that the wife’s kundali has a pitri dosh present due to which stomach related ailments and women’s health problems related to menstrual cycle etc will occur. Due to the magnitude of the dosh a personal consultation is advised as it will take some intensive remedies to combat the situation and the couple cannot afford to take any shortcut or cut corners.


Financial Astrology Prediction

In this Case Study the caller wants to find out about his financial situation and future prospects. When Prakash astrologer asks the caller if he is working the caller replies that he is a cashier at a gas station. Prakash astrologer states that in the native’s horoscope there is present a Chandrama Maha Dasha till the year 2018.

Normally such a dasha gives financial stability to the native but in this case due to the positioning and effect of two planets namely Sun and Mars the native is not getting the same. These two planets in fact are causing the native to incur expenditure and unnecessary expense etc. The native further adds that whatever he earns he ends up spending with no savings left at all.