Weekly Horoscope

Your weekly horoscope is a report on the effect of the placement and positioning of the celestial planets and nakshatras or constellations on your day to day life in the coming week! Click here for your weekly horoscope videos

Monthly Horoscope

Your monthly horoscope is the expert Interpretation of the placement and positioning of the planets and constellations and is direct Impact on your life for the upcoming month! Click here for your monthly horoscope videos

Yearly Horoscope

Your yearly horoscope is an exhaustive astrological Report that centers around the celestial planets, configurations and nakshatras etc and how they stand to Impact you. Click here for your yearly horoscope videos

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Indian Astrologer in UK

Astrology is a science much like Astronomy, Alchemy and Medicine. The origin of Astrology can be traced back to the Vedas where it is referred to as ‘Jyotish’ which means related to light. The word light being representative of knowledge which shows the correct path and provides expert guidance to its patrons towards a better and brighter future.

When you have a medical problem you consult a doctor and if you have a legal problem you consult a lawyer.   Why then when you are dissatisfied or troubled with your life would you not consult an Astrologer?

Many a sceptic have revised their opinions on encountering a competent practitioner of Astrology. An Astrologer who knows his subject is much akin to an expert Doctor who is able to not only diagnose your ailment but also prescribe the best remedy for the same. 

It has been established that the waves in the ocean are at the highest point on full moon days and at their calmest on new moon days. This is explained by electromagnetic attraction exerted by the moon on water. In much the same way our bodies that constitute of more than 65% water undergo similar effects of the moon.

 Prakash Astrologer is an astrologer with a distinct scientific leaning. He has carried out an exhaustive and highly detailed study of Astronomy, Astrology, Numerology, Gemology, Lal Kitab, Tantras and various other ancient Indian treatises. On the basis of his skill set, qualifications and experience, today he is an expert Astrological Consultant. He is a friend, philosopher and guide who provides invaluable advice and guidance to his clients which number in the thousands from his live TV show callers to leading captains of industry both Indian and foreign.

Prakash Astrologer provides a wide array of services such as horoscope analysis including astrological consultations on education, career, personal & professional growth, love life, profession, marriage, childbirth, financial condition, property matters, partnerships, health issues and many more.  The services on offer are much like Astrology itself i.e. infinite!

The USP of Prakash Astrologer is that he offers the inherently complex astrological interpretation in an easy to understand layman’s language. Thus it is quite simple to understand even for people who haven’t had any exposure to the science of Astrology.

 By accurately interpreting and decoding the role of the planets and their effects & qualities, Prakash Astrologer is able to present a complete and comprehensive picture of his clients along with a most potent SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis


Astrology Remedies

Need Astrology remedies and tasks to ensure success?

As per the native’s date of birth, place of birth and time of birth his or her’s horoscope chart is created and following the Interpretation of the positioning of the celestial planets etc Prakash astrologer gives certain astrological remedial measures, Tasks and special Mantras for chanting.

These measures serve to enhance the positivity and minimise the negativity that is present in the kundli. This will assuredly bring the native closer to his or her Goals while making the journey as smooth and quick as possible!

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Indian Astrologer

Vedic Astrology

Prakash is one of the most trusted, learned and well-known astrologers in Europe. Through his expertise in astrological science thousands of people have benefited from around the world.  He is the first and only Indian astrologer in Europe to hold an OFCOM Payplus licence for astrology.  This, in itself, warrants the credibility of his work and professional standing in the world of astrology.  He is the first astrologer to present live interactive programmes from his own fully equipped broadcasting studio, allowing him to link with TV channels across the world.

Your life chart is essentially an astrological blue print that will paint a comprehensive picture of not just what you experienced in the past but also what lies in store for you in the future.

It is rightly said that health is even more important than wealth since even the richest man is an unhappy being if he is physically ailing.

This consultation would be in the shape of a comprehensive analysis of your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. It would give you an accurate forecast of the events unfolding g in your life at the moment and what the future holds for you.

The forecasted events of an entire year including your personal and professional life. Family, business, career, progeny, marriage, lucky number, colour etc would be amply and comprehensively covered.

Your Life Path number never changes because it is based on your full date of birth and is also one of the most important numbers in a numerology chart.

The choice which determines your very destiny as the right partner could complement you and aid you towards achieving your goals while the wrong person could well hinder you completely.

Have you ever wondered why certain people are great at some things while being totally clueless at others? The answer lies in your business compatibility chart that will analyse and answer the question of whether a partnership would be key to your success or if it would spell doom and involve deception.

Your career choice determines also your success factor and paves the way to happiness and contentment or misery and want. The right career has the potential to take you to the zenith while a wrong job could throw you to the nadir if depression and failure.

Indian Astrology

Astrology Services

Yearly Forecast

This is an Astrological report that will give you expert astrological predictions in a ‘month by month’ break-up or format for the coming year.

Three Year Forecast

The placement of planets and the relationships between them is studied in an individual’s Horoscope. This is central to interpreting an individual’s nature and his/her temperament over an entire lifetime.

Five Year Forecast

This is an astrological report that would cover the next five years of your life and include details of what the future has in store for you regarding your Health; Wealth; Career; Business/Job; Education; Marriage window (if you are single)

Numberological Life Chart Analysis

Numerology is the study of numbers towards determining a person’s personality, strengths, talents, obstacles etc. Numerology presents the whole picture and illuminates all the diverse aspects of your personality

Question (Prashan) Kundli

The Prashna Kundali or the Horary Astrology system is a unique system of Vedic Astrology that analyses the kundali of the question (Prashna) itself to find answers to a person’s queries.

Basic Life Chart

This Basic Life Chart is a report that covers health including a section on the quality for the next 20 years with all possible issues and what you should be careful about etc.

Master Life Chart

The Master Life Chart is a very thorough report about you and covers all major aspects of your life. Your Health is covered from the grass roots.