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Jupiter's Transit For Aries Horoscope 2018

Introduction to JUPITER’S TRANSIT in Libra From 12th Sept 2017 Till 11th Oct 2018

Now we will be defining GOCHHAR transit of JUPITER in Libra and its EFFECTS for each and every sign.
On 12th Sept 2017 Jupiter Left Virgo and started it’s Transit in Libra at 01:21:36 UK Time and will remain in transit in Libra till the 11th Oct 2018 till 13:50:00 UK time.


For Aries Jupiter’s Transit in 2018 :– During GOCHHAR transit JUPITER IN LIBRA is in the 7th house from 12th Sept 2017 Till 11th Oct 2018. FOR ARIES There will be a rise in comforts, financial gain and accomplishments. If you are unmarried then your marriage window will now open and enable you to get married and start your personal life. If you are already married then this signifies the right time to conceive a baby. You will be in contact with highly professional people. You will have an opportunity to display your knowledge, ability and skill set which will be duly recognized and appreciated by professionals and organisations. You will be very conducive to partnering and winning people’s support. You will definitely find someone very special to spend your life with during this period. You will enjoy benefits through marriage, partnership, negotiation & contractual agreements. This is the year when you are more likely to establish or solidify a significant partnership. At times this transit will absolve an existing partnership and free you from guilt, blame & a bad reputation. This year will bring relief for you. If you are involved in a legal or court battle then you will be able to negotiate more successfully and much better than before. Financial benefits could possibly come through partnership. Legal matters or complex relationships and disputes from the past will now be resolved. You can be very successful as a consultant or advisor. Good publicity will come your way and a rise in name, fame and establishment will be assured. Relationships & partnerships will benefit from an expansive, warm and creative energy. Difficult relationships will be absolved and new ones will be formed during this time.

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Aries Precautions

1) Refrain from giving your clothes or Gold to any one not even for charity.
2) Refrain from keeping any temple or statues at home.
3) Refrain from consuming any form of NON VEGETARIAN FOOD and intoxicants including alcohol & smoking.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Hrim Aum Nammoo Shivaya Hrim.

Tasks of the Year

1) Please do wear a Golden yellow Sapphire in a gold square Pendant around your neck in a gold chain.
2) Please do keep all your GOLD in a yellow coloured silk bag.
3) Please do organise Namak Chammak Rudra Abhishek using Yellow Flowers.
4) Please do use cream or yellow or golden coloured handkerchief as part of your dress code.
5) Seek blessings from your parents & respect them deeply.

Jupiter's Transit For Aries Horoscope 2018



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