Cancer Yearly Horoscope

Jupiter's Transit For Cancer Horoscope 2018

For CANCER Jupiter’s Transit in 2017-2018 :– GOCHHAR transit of JUPITER IN LIBRA. On 12th Sept 2017 Jupiter Left Virgo and started it’s Transit in Libra at 01:21:36 UK Time and will remain in transit in Libra till the 11th of Oct 2018, 13:50:00 UK time. From 12th Sept 2017 Till 11th Oct 2018 Jupiter is in the 4th house for CANCER. You will be able to materialise most of your visionary planning in a real time system. Your professional success and prosperity will be on the rise. You will have the comfort of a new residence, property, car & other assets. You will get the full cooperation & support of your family. You are likely to see a rise in benefits linked to home, family, property & domestic life. Much joy and enjoyment will be found in your family life. An increased sense of security and safety could be derived from your domestic situation. Opportunities to buy and sell real estate for financial gain may present themselves. Home improvements, renovations etc. will be possible and so will a move to a new location. Some of you may buy or sell a house. You may be moving to a larger or more comfortable property. Long standing family problems will be now resolved and ironed out for good. You will enjoy getting in touch with the roots of your family. There will be a great improvement in your family relationship. There is also a possibility of coming into some inheritance. There could be a family reunion. You will get the help of your family towards sorting out your problems. A stronger sense of psychological wellbeing may now come and you will be more content to stay in your nest or your Home sweet HOME.

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Cancer Precautions

2) Refrain from keeping any form of temple and statues in your house.
3) Refrain from having a bath in front of other people.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation


Tasks of the Year

1) You should always be nice to your PARENTS & YOUR FAMILY PRIEST & seek THEIR BLESSINGS.
2) Please do donate rice to temple again and again.
3) Time to time do organise KANJA KANYA PUJAN IN A TEMPLE.
4) Please paint the inside walls of your house in the colour Yellow.

Jupiter's Transit For Cancer Horoscope 2018



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