Scorpio Yearly Horoscope

Jupiter's Transit For Scorpio Horoscope 2018

For Scorpio Jupiter’s Transit in 2017-2018. GOCHHAR transit of JUPITER IN LIBRA. On 12th Sept 2017 Jupiter Left Virgo and started it’s Transit in Libra at 01:21:36 UK Time and will remain in transit in Libra till 11th Oct 2018, 13:50:00 UK time.
From 12th Sept 2017 Till 11th Oct 2018 Jupiter is in the 12th House FOR Scorpio. You will come across many obstacles, delays & complications in your routine work. At times your peace of mind and personal happiness won’t be there. You will face many health issues and major opposition from your rivals. There will be few issues linked with your marriage relationship along with a rise in your expenditure. Make sure that there is no third party or outside influence in your marriage relationship. You got to be very careful about your reputation. This is a cycle in which you will become more compassionate, empathetic, sensitive & spiritual. This is a time when you can get rid of your self-destructive tendencies, deep-seated fears, guilty conscious & activate yourself spiritually. You will be able to get in touch with your subconscious mind. You will end up helping and serving a lot of people. Some people will enter in a romance during this time period. A lot of activities can happen in private or behind the scenes. In this period whenever you do need any help you will get it.

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Scorpio Precautions

1) Please refrain from wearing any kind of beads around your neck.
2) Please refrain from giving any false statements about anybody.
3) Never ever betray others.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Aum Hrim Hrim Shrim Shrim Luxmi-Vassudevaya Nammhha

Tasks of the Year

1) Do wear a yellow sapphire in a gold square pendant around your neck in a gold chain.
2) Respect your parents and do seek their blessings.
3) Try to keep your hair in a pony-tail.
4) Please do visit a temple every day and try to do so barefoot.
5) Please do organise Maha Vishnu PUJANAM.
6) Please do donate chicken based DOG FOOD to a DOG HOME.

Jupiter's Transit For Scorpio Horoscope 2018



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