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*All horoscope predictions are based on your moonsign and Consultation services predictions are based on your birthchart.

Birth Chart Analysis Astrology

Birth Chart Analysis Astrology


Prakash Astrologer is offering a Life Chart report based on your birth chart analysis.

Prakash will define all the elements in the Report about yourself covering your Health, Education (if you are studying), Marriage relationship, Profession, Career, Finance, Wealth, Property prospect, Personality, Spirituality, your true potential . This astrology consultation covers the next 20 years predictions, forecasts & Transits of Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter. This is the consultation which deals with any issues and complications regarding PITRI DOSHAS – how to overcome obstacles, delays and hassles in accomplishing your goals. Self-contentment and its rising will be explained in depth. This report will also include astrological solutions on how to overcome all the hindrances and eliminate all the hurdles and obstacles, so that you can achieve your ultimate goal and be self-content, happy and harmonious using MAHA RISHI BHRIGU & RED BOOK Tasks, Solutions, Precautions, Chanting AND Lucky Points (precious stones, days, colours, millionaire direction of your house & business).

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Basic Birth Chart Analysis Astrology

Here findings will be presented on all the positive and negative points regarding Physical, Mental, and Spiritual compatibility.

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Basic Birth Chart Analysis Astrology


A Basic Report About Yourself

This Basic Life Chart is a report that covers health including a section on the quality for the next 20 years with all possible issues and what you should be careful about etc. This report will also include an insight about situations involving your career/job/profession, education including a section on which field of study would be the best for you and also if there are any negative issues or even a forthcoming break or delay in your education. This report will inform you of the Astro solutions and special tasks that you can do to get over looming obstacles and literally escape impending doom. Which subject would be the best for you that would guarantee a solid start and foundation in your future career?

The next chapter would be the marriage aspect as in when you would get married, issues in your marriage, separation, divorce etc in your marriage including a section on your life partner’s outlook towards you and what your marital future has in store.

Profession and career form the base of your life. Accordingly the Basic life chart would define everything in this context including which career you should opt for and also when you would peak be and when you would achieve a dignified status in the same. Finances are yet another closely related element that will be covered in this chart. Finances form a very important part of your life and the basic life chart will define what kind of a financial status you will achieve.

Family relationships and domestic life will be covered in this chart along with a section on your relationships and all developments on your family front. Property matters will be expounded in detail including the number and the kind or type of properties you will have. A chapter on your Personality will explain to you the myriad aspects of your personality and also cover a spiritual element.

The basic life chapter covers the next 20 years of your life with a full list of dos and don’ts which would guide you towards success, satisfaction and happiness. Negativities will be identified and you will be told how to counter the same. Red book and Maha bhrighu remedies will be told to you along with details of how exactly to do these. Your lucky colours will be identified and you will be informed of which colour to wear in which situation to derive maximum benefit. Lucky dates, Lucky gem stones and all that is conducive for you will be covered in the basic life chart. This chart will also come with some very powerful and effective recommendations to enhance your life condition and to activate you towards positivity, happiness etc.

We endeavour to get back to you within 28 days.