Business Compatibility

A favourable compatibility between partners is vital to enhance and empower our home and/or business environment, and our lives. The better the overall compatibility the better the life experience!  Partners influence each other in many ways including through their bodies’ electromagnetic fields. A ‘good or strong’ partnership creates positive energy; and a ‘bad or weak’ one creates friction and static. Vedic Astrology is able to evaluate relationships and identify whether they would be symbiotic towards harmony and success. Relationships in fact are one of the most Complex Human Structures Involving the Ego.

Marriage, for example, is much more than a mere legal contract. It is de facto a moral and Karmic obligation where it is often considered as the most sacred contract possible between two individuals. It is a profound commitment where two parties unite to create a new union founded on unbound dedication, sacrifice, compassion and understanding. In the same way a Business Partnership is also a very serious commitment which shouldn’t be taken lightly due to its immense repercussions.

As per a recent management study over 70% of business partnerships and mergers fail. This is due to many reasons and it comes as no surprise that none of these arrangements have gone through an astrological compatibility assessment procedure. Vedic Astrology Uses a Constellation-based Formula of Compatibility which paves the way for a powerful and celestial understanding of the’ keys- to’ successful relationships. A natural, constellation-based formula of compatibility is employed to test the ‘chemistry’ and Karmic patterns between two or more individuals. It is not simply a short sighted assessment of whether a Gemini will get along with a Leo rather it is a comparison of the eight major factors of human elements.

A business compatibility assessment will identify which of the 27 constellations you were born in and compare it to the constellation your business partner was born in. Then following a compatibility test and an evaluation of the findings a check is made of any Mars-based flaws. Finally the condition of the houses in your horoscope between 1 and 7 which are related to happiness and business partnership are assessed.

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