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*All horoscope predictions are based on your moonsign and Consultation services predictions are based on your birthchart.

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Astrology Consultation


Prakash Astrologer is offering a master astrology consultation where he will answer your questions based on your individual birth chart. The format of this consultation answers your questions linked with life events & you will receive a very thorough information report about yourself covering next 5yrs-10yrs which includes predictions, recommendations, MAHA RISHI BHRIGU & RED BOOK tasks solutions remedies and precautions & chanting, including Lucky Points (precious stones, days, colours, millionaire direction of your house & business). This Consultation provides a very thorough answer to your questions for the time span covering only next 5yrs-10yrs. This Consultation is Suitable for LIFE EVENTS & But NOT suitable for PITRI DOSHA Consultation.

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Master Astrology Consultation

Red Book Astrology Solutions and Remedies

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We endeavour to get back to you within 28 days.

Master Astrology Consultation