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Business Profession Career Consultation

Judging business, profession and career aptitude is one of the most challenging and difficult areas of astrology. At times a horoscope can show a clear picture that of the vocational direction that the native should take but more often than not it’s a mixed bag that is not easily categorized.

In Vedic astrology an expert astrologer is able to assess the best suited profession or career in a horoscope by reading and interpreting the placement and influence of key houses and planets especially the 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th. Next the astrologer will need to examine the condition of the luminaries ie the Sun and Moon.

This report defines all the crucial elements for professional growth and also will tell you of the years when you will professionally peak including the specific time period of maximum professional development. You will be in the know of information that will tell you how far you will go in your career and also more importantly which is the right field of work for you. You will be told if you will be at your best as a professional contractor or a business owner or a corporate employee. You will find the answer if you should be a solicitor, doctor, teacher or something else. All these questions will be answered in detail and your horoscope will be actually examined under a microscope. The influence on your professional development by way of your 5th, 10th and 11th houses and how your creativity will offer you financial freedom will be analysed in depth. Your 5th house is supported by your 9th house and this has a further effect on your 10th and 11th houses. This report will also tell you if there are any limitations or if any astrological synchronization is missing and furthermore you will get the relevant astro-solutions via Red book and Maha Bhrighu Shastra. In a nutshell this report will tell you how to exactly balance your astrological equation and remove obstacles.

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£300.00 inc Vat Select Options