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*All horoscope predictions are based on your moonsign and Consultation services predictions are based on your birthchart.

Yearly Astrology Forecast

Year Intensive Forecast


Five Year Intensive Astrology Forecast will reveal what’s happening in the next 12 months from your date of birth regarding the next 60 months through your LAGNA CHART & MOON CHART & TRANSIT of Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu with prediction about your career, relationship & Health with completed thorough Tasks Solutions precautions and Chanting.

Prakash Astrologer is offering an Intensive five year forecast. This astrology forecast is based on your birth chart from your birth date to to next FIVE years. You will be provided with guidance on Transits of all the planets in your chart AND predictions month by month for the next 60 months. You will be provided with analysis and conclusions for the 5 years including MAHA RISHI BHRIGU & RED BOOK Tasks, Solutions, Precautions Chanting AND Lucky Points (precious stones, days, colours, millionaire direction of your house & business).

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Five Year Intensive Forecast

Here findings will be presented on all the positive and negative points regarding Physical, Mental, and Spiritual compatibility.

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