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Horoscope Compatibility for Marriage

Marriage Compatibility


Prakash Astrologer is offering an intensive analysis of marriage compatibility horoscope matching based on your birth charts {your chart & your partner’s chart}. Here findings will be presented on all the positive and negative points regarding Physical, Mental, and Spiritual compatibility. You will also learn how to root out any negativities from this compatibility including taking astrologically measures to achieve your HAPPINESS using MAHA RISHI BHRIGU & RED BOOK Tasks Solutions, Precautions, Chanting AND Lucky Points (precious stones, days, colours, millionaire direction of your house & business).


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Intensive Marriage Compatibility

Here findings will be presented on all the positive and negative points regarding Physical, Mental, and Spiritual compatibility.

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A compatible partner is the basic foundation of a happy and satisfying life. If one marries a compatible partner he or she is rewarded with a devoted lover & a very caring & sympathetic friend. No matter what the financial and emotional state of a person if their partner is incompatible they will be in a relationship but lonely, sad, disappointed and suffering much like living on an isolated rock. Solace will always be sought but never found and every single day will dawn only to bring yet more agony.

Astrology has a panacea for helping its patrons towards making the right choice of a fully compatible partner who would be literally your better half. Just imagine an almost utopian scenario where a man and a woman are fully compatible wherein they project a formidable joint front which enables them to overcome even the biggest obstacles without skipping a beat! The difference is literally that between living in Hell and living in Heaven.

Prakash astrologer has consulted many thousands of parents with marriageable children and in some cases the prospective brides and grooms themselves. Many a time there has been resistance from the prospective parties to the compatibility report and despite being strongly advised against the match the couples have entered into wedlock to only fall apart in a most acrimonious and bitter divorce court proceeding. Even couples who have been together for years have sometimes approached Prakashji for their compatibility consultation to be sometimes shocked on being told that their match would not survive the rigours of life in light of their mismatched Planets and Gunas and that their oft professed love would be the first thing to go out of the window!

Marriage compatibility by Prakash Astrologer not only defines the various aspects of the potential relationship but also informs you of how compatible you are physically, mentally and spiritually and how this relationship is going to develop with passage of time.

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