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Question (Prashan) Kundli

The Prashna Kundali or the Horary Astrology system is a unique system of Vedic Astrology that analyses the kundali of the question (Prashna) itself to find answers to a person’s queries.

Under this system the kundali is generated for the question using the time and the place where the question was asked. Then it is checked for positive and negative combinations to judge whether the person will get the desired results.

This is a very important part of Vedic Astrology. Under the aegis of this system Astrologers reply to a question based on the horoscope prepared on the basis of date and time when a person has approached the astrologer. Generally, this system is employed when the person does not have a birth horoscope. It is very important that whenever an individual approaches for the first time, the exact time and date are noted. The place would be the location of the astrologer. In case of a telephonic consultation the astrologer notes the time of the call along with the date and location. However if astrological help is sought by post or email the person mentions the time of writing, date and place.

The study of Prasna is especially useful while prescribing the astrological remedial measures for cases such as:

  • Possible Return of a missing person

  • Medical recovery of ailing patients

  • Recovery of stolen or misplaced items

  • Success of new ventures etc.

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£300.00 inc Vat Select Options