Master Life Chart

The Master Life Chart is a very thorough report about you and covers all major aspects of your life. Your Health is covered from the grassroots to a mature level including all issues, challenges, changes etc. This report will also cover education for you if you are a student. Marriage issues will be delved in and all negatives and positives will be well identified and explained. Career & profession will be covered at length and you will be informed of all land mark items like which field would you most likely succeed in, when you would professionally peak or be at your nadir. Wealth and finances will be covered and you would be told what the expected monetary level will be. Family life is a vital aspect and your relationships, domestic issues, comfort level etc will also be covered comprehensively.

Where you are at the moment and more importantly where you are headed in the next 35 years will be included and highlighted in this report. All important events and tasks and Astro solutions, negativities and how to counter the same will all be covered in your master life chart.

Precautions and a listing of all the dos and don’ts will be covered in detail for you. All the positive and negative sides of the celestial planets that play an instrumental part in your horoscope will be expounded. You will be in the know of how to derive the maximum out of a positively placed planet and how to weaken the ill effects of a negatively placed one. Wisdom, common sense, legal problems. Traumatic events, marriage relationship, business partnership, rise in prosperity, religious and spiritual development, public appreciation, source of business, income, how much money you can generate, what sort of financial reward will your profession bring you etc will all be covered under the aegis of this report. This report will also give you expert Red book and Maha bhrighu remedies to be employed by you to counter all negativity and also towards enhancement of the positives. You will also know which particular colour to use to enhance your aura and positivity etc for example if your aim is to impress there will be one specific colour that you will be recommended to wear etc.

All aspects of your luck/kismet/destiny will be expounded at length and it will also include specifics like the best dates for signing contracts, holding meetings, scheduling interviews etc.

Numerological analysis of your date of birth including your psychic number and destiny number will be done. These numbers will be scientifically calculated and will also include your name number and what it means in the astrological world. If there is any imbalance between your date of birth and birth chart and your name then you will also be told what to do to create a positive balance. These numbers are actually representatives of the celestial planets and consequently have the power to give us good or bad effects.

We endeavour at best to get back to you within 14 to 28 days.

Astrologer Disclaimer:
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