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Astrology Consultation

£100.00 inc. Vat

Prakash Astrologer is offering this consultation where he will answer your question based on your individual birth chart. The answer is to the point and will be based on what is happening in the moment; like instantaneous moment in your life. This consultation is only suitable for those clients who are only looking for the answer to a question and want to the point guidance. It is not a consultation that offers any kind of in-depth answer. This consultation will provide you with information given to the point using RED BOOK Astro solutions and remedies.
This consultation is not suitable for LIFE EVENTS & PITRI DOSHA Consultation.

We endeavour at best to get back to you upto 28 days.

Astrologer Disclaimer:
Indian astrology is the part of Atharvaveda which…more


Astrology Project

We endeavour at best to get back to you upto 28 days.

The Astrology Project is based upon recommendations provided to clients once an Astrology consultation services has been opted and paid for. The astrology project includes astrological cures, suggestions for specific gem rings or items and, or, TANTRICK services which guide improvement and fulfilment to life.
Below are details and further information of the products included in the Astrology Project (again all depending in what reading you have opted for).

Astrology Cures : There are different kind of cures created from natural or core materials that are recommended or suggested in a reading which can support or fulfil areas that are dormant in your birth chart, for example like Solid Silver or Gold pyramids, Solid Silver or Gold Balls, Solid Silver or Gold Bars, Solid Silver or Gold Deity Statues, Silver or Gold Glass, Solid Silver Stripes, Framed Mirrors, Octagon Mirrors, Crystals, Plants, Symbols, Yantras, Solid Silver or Gold Boxes, Plants & Aquarium.

Gems: Naturally, a huge aspect of astrology is linked to Astrological Activated Precious stones. The recommendation of these are purely based on your birth chart and are astrologically constructed to enhance strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

Rings : Astrological Activated Fine Quality Precious Stones Rings are recommended and created especially for you to activate your rising & neutralise any negative energy.

Pendants : Astrological Activated Fine Quality Precious Stones set in a Pendant for boosting rising & neutralising negative energy.

Kaal Sarap Pitri Dosh & Pitri Doshas : Planetary combination lock in the birth chart which can dominate your rising, happiness, harmony, health, achievements, rewards & long term success. This is a complete solution with full support procedures and guidance provided to root out KAAL SARAP PITRI DOSHAS & PITRI DOSHAS completely.

Mangleek Dosh : There are 7-8 types of Mangleek factors which can dominate romance, relationship, matrimonial happiness harmony & relationship health and a complete solution with full support procedures guidance provided to eliminate Mangleek Doshas completely.

Eclipse Pitri Dosh : Sun Eclipses and Moon Eclipses can dominate a birth chart and affect in a negative form your mental & physical health, rising luck, success, prosperity, vision, imagination, creativities, achievements, rewards, success, prosperities, contentment & stabilities. You will be provided with a complete solution to activate this with full procedures and guidance to eliminate the negative effect Eclipse Pitri Doshas .

Destructive Planetary Combination: There are quite a lot of destructive planetary combinations which can activate bad luck & disharmony & failures, grief, agony, loneliness, vacuum & trauma in the life. You will be provided with a complete solution along with clear procedures and guidance to eliminate the negative effect of a Destructive Planetary Combination completely.

Tantric Projects are prepared and created on recommendation & dire requirement. They take several forms and are not to be taken lightly. Tantric projects are prepared and created only when there is a profound need & justification why we need to perform and justification have to the truth not due to any form influences under greed or obsession or vengeance or revenge or any foul reason and justified reasons must support why on earth we need to perform TANTRIC PRIYOUGH.

Possession: —- when someone is possessed with a negative energy or negative entity when there is an unearthly entity which has control which is incomprehensible.
Possession is with dominating spirits or demons. Through Tantric project you can achieve spiritual cleansing and permanently be rid of the negative possession.

Vasshikaran : to control with Tantra Project.

Videshnum : to create uncontrolled conflicts.

Stambhan Priyogh :— to create a permanent STOP.

Mohan Priyogh :— to create uncontrolled attraction.

Uchhattanum apriyough :—– permanent migration where there is a destruction of the base.

Execution Priyough:— This is priyough to root out completely.

Astrologer Disclaimer:
Indian astrology is the part of Atharvaveda which…more